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The Architecture Academy

Created over 2 years, these are all the scenes from The Architecture Academy; a Blender training course that teaches you how to make a variety of architecture scenes. Almost every image here was a tutorial in the course. You can join the course here:
Almost everything was made by myself, but some assets (couches, chairs and trees) were made by a team of 3 extra artists. Hope you like it!

Andrew price guggenheim dynamic2
Andrew price pool3
Andrew price oakville wide
Andrew price cabin

A concept old shack in the forest (my dream hideaway spot!)

Andrew price lounge whole2
Andrew price colonial
Andrew price european building2

Based off a real building I saw and photographed in Amsterdam

Andrew price bathroom whole2

A concept bathroom, I tried to fuse Japanese and Western styles together :)

Andrew price tadao2

Based off a real house designed by Tadao Ando

Andrew price chair2

A random shot from the trailer (chair modelled by Rob Garlington).

Andrew price 13

Here's the full trailer. Enjoy!